Private Dog Walking

Sniffs N Wags understands life gets busy.  At these times there is no need for your dog to miss out.  Benefit from having a well-exercised dog, as tired dogs tend to behave better.

Unlike humans who use sight as their primary sense a dog perceives the world around them by smell.  Their world is made of scents more than sights.  How to make the world better for dogs?  “Let them sniff” (Alexandra Horowitz).

Therefore each dog gets to set the pace of the walk (no group walks with other dogs) and go where their nose leads them.  Adventures can be around the neighbourhood or to other locations by car.

At the end of the walk it doesn't end there, we will make sure the water bowl is full and your dog is safe and secure.


$30 for 45-1 hour

Discounts for regular clients.

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